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Industrial Design Simplified

For 35 years, we have been the go-to for high-quality manufacturing design. Now that we’ve perfected our work in Aerospace, Automotive, and Power Generation, we are also capable of producing custom designs. No matter the project, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations every time.

Your Idea

You bring the innovative idea; we bring the design expertise. Together, we can create something remarkable. Contact us now to chat confidentially (via NDA) with our award-winning design team.

Our Process

We use 3D CAD to bring your ideas and sketches to life. We believe in transparency, so we regularly send photos of our progress and are happy to discuss the details at any time.

Continued Support

We won’t leave you hanging once the design is finalized. Access our in-house 3D printing (up to 24x24x24’’), or, we can connect you with our trusted partners in CNC machining.


N3 will meet you wherever your idea is at. If you already know exactly what you want, we can nail every detail. If you need an expert opinion on an idea in the rough, we are happy to lean back on our 35 years of experience and advise you. Our experts are versatile and adaptable to your specifications. The only thing we are unwilling to modify is our high standards.


Our team of designers includes some of the most creative people in the industry. If you’re feeling stumped on an idea, no matter what stage of development you’re in, let us use our talent to inspire a great product.

We go above and beyond to improve your customer experience. For example, N3 welcomes you to access our 3D printer to touch, feel, and manipulate your prototype. If you’re feeling confident in your product but at a loss about suppliers, let us use our connections to help you find the resources you need to succeed.


We have been an industry leader for 35 years for a reason. We know how to maximize your projects success while ensuring that your customer experience is equally impressive.


Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and we make a point of getting multiple perspectives on each project. This fosters creativity within our team and ensures that you get the best possible amalgamation of ideas.


Our team wants to make sure our creations match your vision, so we check in frequently to ensure we’re on the right track. Of course, we also know when to hush, so we are ready to sign NDA’s as required.

Are you ready to get your product design started?