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Mechanical Design Services

Your design and prototyping partner

An aesthetically pleasing product exterior means nothing if the mechanics inside don’t function properly. Our mechanical designers will make sure that your product works as well on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Our years of experience in design mean that we can jump on your project and get you on the fast-track to success regardless of what stage you’re at. We’re happy to begin with a loose concept, as we love a challenge, or a detailed plan, as we love to impress.

Development can be difficult, so our experts are ready to guide you through each and every stage: conceptual design, drafting, prototyping, design optimization and design confirmation.

We don’t really dance, but we do love good choreography- of structures and mechanisms of course. Our years of experience mean we know exactly how to arrange even the tiniest details of your concept so that it meets every specification and is highly functional.

Every design that enters our shop is tested for quality- we won’t stop designing until the product is optimally functional and suitable for manufacturing. We do comprehensive testing on a variety of product specification- space, mass, structural, thermal, cost, and more. If problems arise, we are always prepared to redesign to ensure durability, effectiveness, and safety.

If you have additional specifications, we are happy to accommodate these in the testing process as well.


We deliver a functional, manufacturable, and profitable product design every time.
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