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Product Design Simplified.

Great ideas don’t have to be complicated.
Let us help you perfect the details that matter.
N3 Technologies Inc. is an industrial product design company based out of Hamilton, Ontario. For 35 years, we have been an industry leader in 3D design and prototyping. We’ve made a point of recruiting the top talent in design and manufacturing engineering and acquiring the best and latest technology because we strive to be equipped for any and every idea.

We’re ready to run with whatever you have – idea, concept, product, or otherwise – to bring your vision to life.

The Creative Team

Our leaders work diligently to ensure your N3 experience is flawless from start to final product.
Learn about what makes them great:

Richard Niedojadlo

Director of Operations

Richard has 35 years of experience in designing and building in 3D CAD and CNC machines, as well as a background in Aerospace mechanical design. His priority is your customer experience, which is why he acquired an in-house 3D printer to allow you to touch and feel your prototype- for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing. His expertise means he understands your needs and how to meet them without breaking your bank.

Chris Niedojadlo

Director of Sales

Chris is a high-tech guru, with over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. He is the first face of N3 to many clients and isn’t shy to explore new markets. Chris will make sure you are well-informed about how N3 can transform your 3D printing experience and why you won’t regret consulting with our team.


“I am so glad that I discovered N3… they taught me things about my product design that I would have never known otherwise. My final product was better than I ever imagined thanks to their talented design team!”- Violet R.
“I came to N3 with every single detail of my product planned out. They executed it flawlessly. I am so impressed in how they shared my vision and had the talent to pull it off.”- Naveed D.
“I knew I was in the right place when N3 offered to 3D print a prototype of my idea. Having the tangible item in my hands helped me to finesse some crucial details of the design.”- Eric W.

Work With Us

We make 3D design and prototyping look easy. Our team is experienced, talented, and flexible, which means that we can cater to any size of business, from a single inventor to a Fortune 500 company. Let us make your manufacturing experience a breeze.
Our Mission

Our goal is to take 3D printing to new heights using our carefully selected, award-winning design team. We always prioritize making your customer experience easy and cost-effective.

Our Vision

Designing prototypes doesn’t need to be complicated. We want to use lessons from 35 years of manufacturing engineering experience and the latest technology to make a simple customer experience simple and exceptional products.

Our Philosophy

We aim to meet inventors and solution providers wherever their idea is. Our team is experienced enough to efficiently manage any project, and innovative enough adapt to client needs.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our team members. Explain your project, show us what you have so far, and let us take it from there. All stages of project – ideas, concepts, and existing designs – are welcome.