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Industrial Design vs Product Design

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Not sure if you need industrial design or product design? Don’t stress: these terms are often used interchangeably in the technology and engineering world. Some projects even include elements of both disciplines.

No matter your design challenge we have experts at the ready with experience in both areas, so we can get the job done either way.

Industrial Design
Industrial products have unique design goals, as they aren’t designed for the sole benefit of the user. Our team of professionals gets it, and we’re ready to work with you to fit your products specific needs. We can balance customizing a product to match the market’s needs while also optimizing it for mass production- a recipe for success every time.

We are also prepared to work together to plan the entire lifecycle of your product, and sometimes even further, as we can redesign for manufacturing operations.

Product Design
We are happy to meet you at whichever stage of your product design process you are at. We can focus on development and creating conceptual renders, just as well as we can zero in on the production process. From initial idea to the final product, we are ready to work with you to perfect every step. Our designers will give life to your idea using sketches, drawings, and 3D modelling.

Ultimately, both industrial design and product design share the same goal: to create or refine a product. And our goal? We aim to deliver a high-quality product every time.


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