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Jig And Fixture Design

Your manufacturing design team

Jigs and fixtures might be but one piece in your manufacturing process, but they require complex planning to be properly executed. Typically, these components are used in mass production- which means even one small error could culminate in a big problem!

You want to get it right the first time. Our experts use the latest technology to design each jig and/or fixture from scratch for each project to ensure it is properly positioned, secure, and effective in its role. You can be confident that your workpieces will be properly positioned every time.

Areas of Work
Our team is experienced in quantity drilling, reaming, tapping jigs, and more. We also make jigs as guides for project templates.

When it comes to fixtures, we spend as much time as necessary during the design process to ensure that each workpiece will be located properly in the fixture. We make drilling, milling, and welding fixtures, in addition to other pieces.

If you have a custom design in mind, whether for a jig or fixture, let us draw on our years of experience to collaborate with you in creating the best possible piece.

Our jigs and fixtures are tested for quality standards in 4 main areas: gripping to ensure firmness and location, holding to prevent movement and ensure accuracy, supporting and location to maximize precision, and positioning to maintain alignment between the tool and the workpiece.


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