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Tool Design

Your manufacturing design team

Whether you’re looking to improve existing equipment or to create a brand-new tool, use us to do it properly. Our team of professionals use the latest computer software, including 3D CAD, to ensure you have a high-quality design that’s ready for production when you are.

We identify your problem as it exists without tooling, analyse the issue with our experts, plan a solution, design the tool, construct the tool, and apply the necessary tools, methods, procedures, and standards to maximize manufacturing productivity. We’re with you every step of the way to the solution.

Our experts will develop blueprints and schematics, consult with industry professionals (engineers and manufacturers) to get specifications and production nailed down, and solve any problems that come up along the way.

This involves selecting materials, specifying production processes, identifying the sequence of operations, and selecting necessary tools. We can work with you to create jigs and fixtures or point you in the right direction for metal cutting and metal and plastics forming tools.

Of course, we make sure to test the prototype every step of the way to ensure that we meet or exceed quality standards.

We aim to be client-centred, so we always strive to reduce manufacturing costs, increase production rates, maintain and improve quality, reduce special tooling costs, and design tools with safety at the forefront.

Regardless of the tool, you can be certain that we always make you and your unique needs a priority.


We use our years of experience and impressive design technology to identify your problems and design high-quality tools to solve them. Contact us now to begin.